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Serena has served our country honorably with her military career and will do the same for her home loan customers. I have known Serena for 27 years both professionally and personally. As a fellow military officer, I know the caliber of her work ethic. She continued to impress me as my loan representative during the process of closing on my new home build. Serena caught errors in paperwork from my builder's representative agent which prevented undue hardship. She sets the standard for customer service!​

What to Expect

Making getting a mortgage easier than ever before. 


Purchase Loan

Secure a home purchase loan that utilizes today’s great mortgage rates to make your dream home affordable.



Lock in great terms with current interest rates to ensure your home remains affordable or build more equity with an update!

Rate Comparisons

Don’t just take the first offer. Shop around. Use our rate comparisons to find the best possible plan for your home ownership strategy.



Seize opportunity as soon as you can with our fast funding options, giving you the freedom to cure that house fever.


Serena is a mortgage expert, mother of two, and Air Force Veteran. After retiring from the Air Force, she decided to get her Real Estate license. In 2020 Serena started her journey in the mortgage industry. She immersed herself in everything involving the loan process. When Serena was asked why she wanted to pursue a career in mortgage, she replied I want to help people save money
and understand the benefits that come with being a homeowner. As a Military Retiree,
I am passionate about serving our Military Members, Veterans and their families.

NMLS 1980158
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Serena is Serving Veterans Nationwide

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